Category: Home Stay

Home stay all around the country is open to all Nepali and foreigners. Actually new trekking trails are developing all around the country. And it is difficult to find proper place to spend night in such areas. This is why in those areas ministry of tourism, under the government of Nepal established different home stay apartments. Those home stay apartments are owned by poor villagers and farmers far from the city. Home stay will also increase the intimacy between the tourist and the owner. Also it plays a huge role for cultural exchange. In home stay it might not be possible to find food items such as Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Sushi and Sandwiches but they will serve you with the fresh organically grown Nepalese dishes for instance Dal, Bhat, Tarkari, Chapati, Soup, Eggs, Chicken, Mutton, Pork, Bread etc. You pay less money for the home stay than the hotel so you have opportunity to save some money.

Executive Board
  1. Chair Person
    Mrs Sita Bhantana
  2. Executive Director
    Mr. Ashok Sharma Bhatta
  3. Managing Director
    Mr. Shiva Bhantana
  4. Senior Account Manager and Travel and Tour operator
    Mr. Balkrishna Bhantana
  5. Accountant
    Miss Madhu Bhantana
  6. Receptionist
    Miss Sangita Pandey
  7. Office Assistant
    Mrs Ramita Bagale
Advisory Board
  1. Dr. Adam Abramson
  2. Dr. Leilah Krounbi
  3. Dr. Tom Groenveld
  4. Mrs Moriah Pex
  5. Dr. Dennis Timlin
  1. Judy and John Pex, Eilat, Israel