Category: Rafting

We have well trained, highly experienced rafting guides who are able to carry out the job assigned. Rafting in major rivers of Nepal is adventurous. Few rivers are Trishuli, Budigandaki, Narayani, Kaligandaki, Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, Tamor, Karnali etc. Still there are other major rivers to explore.

Executive Board
  1. Chair Person
    Mrs Sita Bhantana
  2. Executive Director
    Mr. Ashok Sharma Bhatta
  3. Managing Director
    Mr. Shiva Bhantana
  4. Senior Account Manager and Travel and Tour operator
    Mr. Balkrishna Bhantana
  5. Accountant
    Miss Madhu Bhantana
  6. Receptionist
    Miss Sangita Pandey
  7. Office Assistant
    Mrs Ramita Bagale
Advisory Board
  1. Dr. Adam Abramson
  2. Dr. Leilah Krounbi
  3. Dr. Tom Groenveld
  4. Mrs Moriah Pex
  5. Dr. Dennis Timlin
  1. Judy and John Pex, Eilat, Israel