1.      This is a Christian led company devoted into the Jesus name. But any members of this company has right to follow their own types of religious activities. None of the members will be tempted or forced to be a Christian. The Shelter House Nepal is open and happy to see religious freedom around the country. Any activities towards changing religion by tempting with money, food, cloth and shelter are considered as evil. However all our staff members, friends, family members, relatives and neighbors are kindly requested to attain Saturday’s congregation at 11:00 O’clock in the morning.

2.      Fifty percent of the profit of the company will be used as the basket fund for the charity.

3.      Support gain within the country, foreign donations, money from the 50% of the company profit will be used wisely and transparently. Every month a balance sheet will be prepared and sent to our respected donors. Moreover a transparency between support gain, expenses made and activities performed will be forwarded to our respected donors monthly. If there are any incidences of misusing the amount, it will be taken as a serious offence. A chance will be given to her/him for the repentance. And we will all pray with him/her together in the Jesus name.

4.      There will be eight members executive board chaired by the chairperson. In absence of the chairperson, the executive power is transferred to the executive director. Even in the absence of executive director the power is handled to the managing director. However all the official decisions and long term perspective plans will not be active unless it is signed by the chairperson.

5.      There will be five members advisory committee in this organization. We will highly appreciate critical comments and valuable suggestions from the members of the advisory committee.

6.      For conducting a meeting there is a need of at least five members of the executive board. A meeting organized and the decision made by less than five members of the executive board is invalid.

7.      Different short term technical committees can be established based on the demand. And the chairperson has right to dissolve those committees with the word of thanks burrowing sentences from the holy Bible. Every person will be presented a Bible in their own language in the end and reasonable wages for their time with Shelter House Nepal.

8.      All staffs will receive an appointment letter signed by the chairperson and managing director written with duties and responsibilities clearly in English and Nepali. It is highly encouraging for them to fulfill all their duties and responsibilities in time. Any mismatch in the role will be offensive. However chances will be given for them to repentance.

9.      If any of our staff members want to quit from the job, a resignation letter need to be given to the chair person. If the chairperson wanted to resign, a resignation letter needs to be presented in front of the patron of the organization. Both the resignation letter will not be active unless it is signed by the respective personnel.

10.  It is strictly prohibited to leak any kinds of messages and information from the shelter house Nepal to other companies. In such a case the shelter house Nepal has right to terminate their job.

11.  All staff will receive salary of specified amount in their appointment letter at the end of English month.

12.  There will be general election of the executive committee once in every five years. Both Nepalese and foreign nationality are eligible to elect.

13.   This bylaw will not be active unless it is not signed by the chairperson, the executive director and the managing director together. The chairperson, executive director and the managing director together has a power to delete or add the contents in this bylaw. Halleluah!!!

Executive Board
  1. Chair Person
    Mrs Sita Bhantana
  2. Executive Director
    Mr. Ashok Sharma Bhatta
  3. Managing Director
    Mr. Shiva Bhantana
  4. Senior Account Manager and Travel and Tour operator
    Mr. Balkrishna Bhantana
  5. Accountant
    Miss Madhu Bhantana
  6. Receptionist
    Miss Sangita Pandey
  7. Office Assistant
    Mrs Ramita Bagale
Advisory Board
  1. Dr. Adam Abramson
  2. Dr. Leilah Krounbi
  3. Dr. Tom Groenveld
  4. Mrs Moriah Pex
  5. Dr. Dennis Timlin
  1. Judy and John Pex, Eilat, Israel