About Us

This is a Christian led company opened for the service of humanity. As Jesus said in the holy Bible come all the tired, hungry and sinful people. I will rescue you from the sin and provide you a new shelter. Also he said that please knock on the door you will be given what you have asked for. This is how a shelter house is established in Nepal.

Inspiring from the Judy and John Pex from Eilat, Israel, the Shelter House Nepal is established to help people to help by themselves. It is a holistic approach designed and developed for the service of human in a sustainable manner. Actually I borrowed the word shelter from the shelter hostel they have in Israel. I want to develop this new organization as a sister organization of the Eilat the shelter hostel. As my friend Tom said we all are children of god, and god do not have any grand children. So we all have equal access to the holy spirit the Lord Jesus Christ. And the lord Jesus Christ died for us to protect us from our sin. So we all need to pray for the holy spirit the lord Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

By profession I am a scientist and agricultural researcher. I found there is quiet similarity between planting the seed and the gospel from the Holy Bible. I found this is a new way to serve the god. To propagate a seedling into tree we need to sow the seed into the soil. Similarly to propagate the gospel of Bible we need to sow into the heart of the human beings. (Proverbs, 20:27, The spirit of a man is the lamp of the lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart).

Tourism sector has been affected severely due to the recent earthquake in Nepal. Tourists are not as many as they used to be and the whole tourism industry is under threat. And the country is rebuilding after devastating earthquake on 25 April 2015. So we are in reconstruction phase. Reconstruction only by physical means is not enough to meet the spiritual demand. This is why we need an umbrella of shelter to protect us from the wrong deeds. In another way protection from our sin is only possible through the gospel of the holy Bible. In fact the Jesus Christ can only protect us from our sin. And we all need a new shelter.  This is a shelterhousenepal.com.

The goal of the company is to explore sustainable means towards agro-ecotourism development in Nepal devoted into the Jesus name. This is the only agency in Nepal working with tourism, agriculture and the gospel of the holy Bible together. Also the Shelter House Nepal is trying to build wide array of networks all around the country into different clusters.

We pray to our lord the Jesus Christ for his mercy and love forever. Lets’ help this newly established company to flourish. Amen into the Jesus name!!!

Executive Board
  1. Chair Person
    Mrs Sita Bhantana
  2. Executive Director
    Mr. Ashok Sharma Bhatta
  3. Managing Director
    Mr. Shiva Bhantana
  4. Senior Account Manager and Travel and Tour operator
    Mr. Balkrishna Bhantana
  5. Accountant
    Miss Madhu Bhantana
  6. Receptionist
    Miss Sangita Pandey
  7. Office Assistant
    Mrs Ramita Bagale
Advisory Board
  1. Dr. Adam Abramson
  2. Dr. Leilah Krounbi
  3. Dr. Tom Groenveld
  4. Mrs Moriah Pex
  5. Dr. Dennis Timlin
  1. Judy and John Pex, Eilat, Israel